Project Value: R101 Million

Date Completed: February 2020

Project Brief & Key Features: 

KBK was appointed by Trans African Concessions (TRAC) for the design and subsequent quality supervision for the rehabilitation of the N4 Section 7X (MDC Section 7A) between Machadodorp and Mbombela. 

The project entails the pavement repair and strengthening of approximately 10.0 km of roadway consisting of four lanes (two lanes per direction).

The project typically includes the following:

  • Strengthening of the existing slow lane pavement and selected fast lane pavement by means of recycling and stabilising the in-situ material to a subbase layer, followed by the construction of a new asphalt base (using modified binder);
  • Removal of the existing defected surfacing in the fast lanes by means of milling and replacement with new asphalt surfacing;
  • Construction of new asphalt overlay (using modified binder) over the entire road length and width.
  • Improvement of the surface drainage systems and installation of a retro-fitted geo-composite panel subsoil drainage system at strategic locations;
  • Repairs and improvements to ancillary roadworks elements; and
  • Localised repairs to existing structures.