Road Engineering

Boasting over 50 years of experience in transportation engineering, KBK Engineers is a leading provider of exceptional road and transportation engineering services to major clients. Our expertise has enabled us to undertake roads projects with a scale and complexity that is typically entrusted to significantly larger companies, thanks to many years of excellent service. Roads and transportation-related projects constitute our main service focus. Our clients include National and Provincial Roads Authorities, Toll Concessionaires, Municipalities, Mines, Private Clients and Civil Engineering Contractors (Design and Construct Contracts).

Not only do we strive to main good relations with our clients, we also strive to treat the civil engineering contractors we work with professionally and fairly with the aim of achieving smooth and optimized project implementation. It is not surprising therefore that many civil engineering contractors have approached us for professional design services to implement their Design and Construct Contracts.

Our range of services cover all road classes. We offer the following fields of specialisation:

Geometric Design:

  • Road alignment designs to applicable design standards for cross-sections that range from gravel roads to divided dual carriageways.
  • Access Management Planning with associated intersection designs for at-grade intersections, roundabouts and grade-separated interchanges.
  • Capacity analyses using HTM software.

Drainage Design:

  • Hydrological evaluations and hydraulic designs for bridges, major culverts, lesser culverts, surface drainage and subsurface drainage.
  • Erosion protection design.

Pavement Design and Pavement Rehabilitation Design:

  • Pavement design for new roads (Greenfields alignment) by considering such aspects as the expected traffic loading, desired pavement life, in-situ material quality (intrusive investigations) and available material sources.
  • Pavement assessment and rehabilitation design of existing deficient pavements for roads, airport runways, taxiways and apron stands. The rehabilitation design may include complete pavement re-construction, partial re‑construction involving strengthening of some pavement layers, concrete inlays and overlays, etc.
  • Pavement rehabilitation design broadly entails the analyses and evaluation of traffic loading, surface measurements (Profilometer and deflection), visual conditions and material investigation outputs (test pits, dynamic cone penetrometers, asphalt cores, etc.) in order to devise suitable pavement design strategies for remediation.

Routine Road Maintenance:

  • Execution of visual condition surveys to assess the condition of the road network, intersections and interchanges, road furniture, structures and to identify any potential safety hazards.
  • Development of maintenance plans to ensure that the road network remains at an acceptable level of service.
  • Provision of technical expertise in areas such as design, materials and safety.
  • Provision of project management services, including scheduling, budgeting and quality control.
  • Monitoring of the performance of the road over time.

Other Services:

  • Building Material Sources (Borrowpits and Quarries) Identification and Management.
  • Design and planning of ancillary roadwork elements including road signs, road markings and barrier systems.
  • Land Acquisition Support Services.
  • Utility services relocation and protection plan.
  • Project economic feasibility studies using HDM-4 software.